Miscalculation on breakdown function for unit cost vs. cost %


The unit cost for an item in the BOM was changing based on the increase or decrease of quantity of a particular part.  The unit cost should remain the same; however the cost % should increase based on the fluctuation of quantity.

Example:  If Part 123 has a unit cost of $2.00 and represents 5% of a master item.  If you increase the quantity of that item to four, then the cost % should go up to 20% and the unit price will remain the same.

Originally, our unit cost would go down to $.50 and the cost % would remain the same.  We fixed it to reflect the exampe above.

Related improvement

If you do a breakdown and you extract multiple quantities of the same part, now it will individually separate the parts in the breakdown module rather than aggregate the quantities.  The reason for this is because you will be ideally collecting serials for each of the parts, so having the parts broken down by separate line items rather than aggregating them was best practice.  The image below shows the old version with aggregate quantities.