Download or Print a Pick List for a Sales Order

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a pick list for a sales order. You can either download or print the pick list created for a sales order.

  1. Navigate to Sales > Sales Order

The Sales Order page will be displayed.


2. Select the required sales order for which you want to print a pick list and click on the blue text of the sales order or double click the sales order to open it in a new tab.

The sales order will be displayed.


3. Notice that items were not allocated. Allocate the unallocated item manually by serial number or auto allocate having one port randomly from the system.

4. To manually allocate, add a new item from the Item Number drop down list.

5. Select the condition as Used from the Condition drop down list.

6. Enter the price in the Price text entry box.

7. Click Add () button to add the item.

8. To automatically allocate remaining items, click Auto Allocate().

Note: If you print a pick list with items that are allocated or unallocated, it will show that the unallocated items are still in the sales order. You will require at least one item allocated in order to print the pick list.

9. Click Pick List.

The Pick List dialog is displayed.

There are two options. You can either download or print a pick list.

10. To print, select the required print option from the Print On drop down list. In the example here, 4*6 FedEx is selected.

11. Click Print Pick List PDF.

This will allow you to print the pick list on a paper.

12. To download, click Download.

It will open the pick list in a new tab.

The pick list shows all the allocated and unallocated items in separate sections. It also shows the details such as the quantity on hand and what locations the items are in.