Scan an Item to a Sales Order

This tutorial demonstrates how to scan an item to a sales order.

  1. Navigate to Sales > Sales Order

The Sales Order page will be displayed.

2. Double click to open the required sales order. 

The sales order will be displayed in the edit mode.

3. In the Items section, type or scan the item number in the Scan UID/ Serial text entry box and click Enter.

It will automatically pull in the item. In this example an RAA00C5B90 is scanned in.

4. Enter the Price.


5. Select the Item Number from the drop down list in the item number.

6. Select Condition as Used.

7. Enter the Quantity.

8. Enter the Price.

9. Click Add () to add the item.

The item will be added to the Items list.

10. Select the Small Arrow () and find the serial number from the list.

The Allocate Inventory dialog will be displayed.

11. Select the required item and click Confirm.

When there are many items in the list, it is easy to scan the items with their serial numbers.