Add Notes to a Sales Order

This tutorial demonstrates how to add notes a sales order.

1. Navigate to Sales > Sales Order.

The Sales Order page will be displayed.

2. Double click on the sales order for which you want to add notes to.

The selected sales order will be displayed in edit mode.

3. Allocate the items to the order if necessary.

4. In the right section of the page, there are two different comment fields such as Comments and Internal Comments. The comments entered in the Comments field will show up in the pick list when printed out and the comments entered in the Internal field for internal reference purpose and it does not show up in pick list or any other report. Enter the comments in these fields. In this example, Comments field has comments as Standard and Internal field has comments as Internal.

5. Now you can download and view the pick list. Click Pick List.

The Pick List dialog is displayed.

6. Click Download.

The pick list file will be saved in pdf format and you can open it to view the comments you entered.

Observe that the Notes field now shows Standard (comments we entered).  You can also observe that comments entered in Internal field are not displayed on pick list. So your customer can see only the standard comments on the pick list and not the internal comments.