Generate a Pick List for a Sales Order

This tutorial demonstrates how to take a Sales Order and generate a pick list for your warehouse team.

1. Navigate to Sales>Create a Sales Order.

2. In this example, the customer, Razor Demo Company is selected.

The Sales Order page will be displayed.

3. Select the item to sell to the customer. In this case the item with SKU as 21 selected from the drop down list. The item is DELL fan.

4. Check the stock to see how many quantities are available by clicking ()  in the item row. Observe that there are 240 numbers of this item on hand. Let us sell the 10 items. So enter the quantity as 10 in the Quantity field.

5. Allocate this order by setting the allocated status.

We will leave it to the pickers in the facility to choose the first ten that meet the specifications.

6. If the sales rep chooses, they will enter some internal comments to translate over to the pick list. When ready, click Generate Pick list.

This will initiate the pick list process.

7. To start this task, the manager of the department will choose a sales rep and verify the pick list task name and the notes that are pushed in from the sales order. The manager will also review the number of units picked up by the rep.

8. The manager will click Start Task.

9. The manager will review and then click Next.

Now in the pick list queue, you can notice that this order is pending for a pick and it is in progress.

10. The sales rep can double click this item and generate a pick list.

11. The pick list can be downloaded to computer in PDF format.  

The pick list shows you the product image, part number and locations that meet the specifications. 

The pick list can also be exported to an excel spreadsheet that shows all locations of the product that meets the requirements. 

In the above example, you can see all the locations that the product is available in.

12. Scroll and pick the most suitable one. 

So, in this example, we will scan ten items into the pick list and allocate them to the sales order. 

Basically you will pull the items and begin scanning the barcodes that are on the products. This will verify that the products are available to the sales order. 

You can see on the Opened status as to how many are still remaining to fulfill this order.  

13. Once complete, you can see that the items have been pulled and allocated to the sales order. You also have an option to remove the item or mark an item as not found. The picker will click Next.

Now it is moved on to the Quality Control state.

14. Navigate to Inventory > Pick List Queue.

15. Filter the list by Quality Control.

16. The quality control person can see that there are items in the list. They will double click the item.

The Quality Control tab will be displayed.

17. They will review the paper work and see which items were pulled.

18. If there is any issue with an item, they have the option to FAILED an item, choose a particular reason, update the condition and save the changes.

19. There is also an option to scan it to the new location such as RMA or Repair. Once complete, QC will click Complete.

It will open a new pick list for this particular order because you had 10 items and only 9 have been fulfilled.

20. Click Yes.

The new pick list will be displayed. 

It can now be assigned to the sales rep and the same process will move forward.

21. You can notice in the top that there is only one open item to fulfill. Click on to Scan the item in and click Next. Once the item passes inspection, click Complete.

This will send an email to the rep notifying that the pick list has been closed and the sales order is ready for the packaging and shipping process.

22. Go back to the sales order and refresh the screen. 

You will notice that the products have been allocated according to the pickers. This is how a pick list for a sales order is generated.