Sell a pallet or sell a whole location and add to a Sales Order

This tutorial shows you how to load a pallet or location to a sales order. This is a great tool for bulk wholesale orders.

When you have an entire pallet or load location in your system with a bunch of items on it. You want to load all at once in your sales order. For example, you might want to load a pallet, PL-54 that has 15 computers, 10 OPTIPLEX 780 and 5 OPTIPLEX GX620.  You can load the entire pallet to the sales order of one customer who wants to buy this entire pallet.

1. Navigate to Sales > Sales Orders.

The Sales Orders page will be displayed.

2. Select and click the sales order that has been generated already for this customer.

3. Click Load Location.

The Load Location into Sales Order dialog will be displayed.

4. Select the pallet from the Location field. In the example here, PL-54 is selected.

Note: This can be done for any location. It does not have to be a pallet.

5. Click Select.

This will bring every item that is on that pallet and will have them all checked by default. Let’s say that we have a pallet with hundred things on it. You only want to sell 80. This is really a fast way to do it.

6. You can just simply uncheck the unwanted items and check only the items you want to have them in the pallet.

7. Set the pricing of each of the items.

8. Apply tax if you need to.

9. Click OK.

The items will be quickly and easily added to the sales order.

In Shipping tab, approve and complete the sales order like any other sales order.