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  • Access RazorERP.

  • Go to the Inventory Detail page under Recycling to see the Audit Workflow. Then go to the Audit Order screen. (click here to know how)

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  • Once in the Audit Order page, you will be presented with three Audit modes, found at the top-left.
    *Standard (this view have 4 tabs such as Data Collection, Data Erasure, Grading & Part Harvest)

    *Quick Scan (bulk scan of items to be audited)

    *Commodity (for non-serialized assets such as cables)

  • For more options such as Importing from Excel or Print reports and defaults, click on the Action button located at the top-right corner.

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  • After adding all information that you need, click the Add button (ensure that the Next Step drop-down is populated when in Standard View).

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  • After click the Add button, the system will ask you if you want to Print a label. Choose Yes or No, depending on your need.


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