Bulk Insert Assets During an Audit

This tutorial will show you how to Bulk Insert many assets during the auditing process.

  • Go to the Inventory Detail page under Recycling to see the Audit Workflow. Select an item, then go to the Audit Order screen. (click here to know how)


  • Select the asset from the list below.


  • Then click Bulk Insert.


  • The Bulk Insert box will appear. Select the Quantity and what fields to Auto Generate (UID & Serial).


  • Once the fields have been populated, click Generate that is found on the top-left part of the box.


  • You may manually enter or scan a Serial # and UID, by placing your cursor and clicking the respective textboxes. (Note: RazorERP will inform you if there’s a duplicate Serial or UID to avoid redundancy.)


  • Once everything has been processed, click on the Save button at the lower part of the Bulk Insert box.

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