How to use the Recycling Location Audit Tool

Looking into cleaning up your inventory? Finding a missing item? The new Location Audit tool is perfect for this!

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the Location Audit from Recycling in RazorERP.

  • Click Recycling.


  • Select Location Audit.


  • You’ll be redirected to the Location Audit page.


  • Click on Location and type the location you want to audit.


  • Click on Start Audit button.


  • You will see on the list all of the items that are in this location. Things like when it was last Audited and who was the Auditor is listed here.


  • On the right side of the list, you’ll see the Scan Lot ID text box. Just do a scan, so the system can consider this as Audited and confirmed to be in this location.


  • As you scan items, you’ll see them appearing on the Audited portion of the page, which is located at the bottom.


  • If a scanned item appears in RazorERP in a different location, you’ll be notified by the system. But it would now be transferred to the location you set earlier.


  • If there’s still items left on the Auditing list, yet there’s no more item to be scanned. Click on the Not Found button.


  • Once done, click on Finish Audit to end the auditing process.