Reference a Purchase Order against a UID

This tutorial shows you how to look up a resale item by the UID (Unique Identifier) and reference it against the Purchase Order it came in under.

To reference a purchase order against a UID, follow the steps given below.

Suppose you have a customer who is asking about a particular UID that has been sold and you want to be able to look it up in the system and pull it back to original purchase order that it has been created from. It is a very straight forward process.

1.  Navigate to Inventory > Receive Inventory.

The Receive Inventory dialog will be displayed.

2.  In the top right corner of the screen, there is a search box, enter the UID number in the Search text entry box or scan in the UID of the particular item.

The search result will be displayed.

The example here shows that Latitude E6420 has been sold and has a purchase order,PO-10241.

3.  To open up this purchase order and take a look at all the items, click on the PO-10241 link.

Every item with this purchase order will be displayed in the new tab.

From here, you can view other items as well as items which you can reference to, to get any information that the customer would want.