Labels and Supplies

Here are the following label stock part numbers and recommended site to order from.

Our preferred vendor is ABLE Label.  You can visit them by going to

List of Label Sizes and Part Numbers to order

Label Size

QTY/ROLLPart NumberPrice/RollPrice/1000MaterialRecommended Use

Printer Type

1.5” x .75”6,0001.5-.75-TP-0$25.20$4.20Polypropylene PlasticUID, Asset Tags, Inventory Labels300DPI Thermal Transfer
1.5” x .75”7,0001.5-.75-TT-0$15.40$2.20PaperUID, Asset Tags, Inventory Labels300DPI Thermal Transfer
2” x 1”5,5002-1-TT-0$10.45$1.90PaperInventory Labels203DPI Thermal Transfer
3” x 1”5,5003-1-TT-0$15.95$2.90PaperInventory Labels203DPI Thermal Transfer
4” x 2”3,0004-2-TT-0$16.80$5.60PaperInventory Labels, ITAD Label, Location Label203DPI Thermal Transfer
4” x 6”1,0004-6-TT-0$12.80$12.80PaperRecycling Commodity Label, Resale Label203DPI Thermal Transfer

List of Thermal Transfer Ribbons


Datamax Black Wax Ribbons

Datamax Color Wax Ribbons

Datamax Wax/Resin & Resin Ribbons

Datamax E-Class & Ovation Ribbons


Zebra Standard Black Wax Ribbons

Zebra Standard Wax/Resin & Resin Ribbons

Zebra TLP & Eltron Ribbons


Cognitive Blaster Ribbons

TEC, Intermec 3400, and APS Ribbons

  1. Removable Labels
  2. Paper Labels (White)
  3. Polypropylene Labels