What is the "error during handshake" notification mean?


I'm trying to fulfill a sales order in RazorERP and ship out my product using UPS.  When I'm going through the shipping wizard and click the final button "Ship", a notification pops up that says "Error during handshake:  The function request is not supported (0x80090302)".  What does this mean?  How can I fix this to fulfill my order?


This error only occurs with UPS (United Parcel Service) when one of two things occur:

  1. Your shipping credentials in the global settings are not accurate.  Go to Global Settings > Shipping and go to the UPS section.  Verify that the account numberpassword, and user ID are accurate.  You'll also need to know your access key which is generated on the UPS website when you first were approved for Razor shipping.
  2. Your domain (yourcompany.razorerp.com) was never updated to use a production shipping url and it is still in a test state.