Why is my address not appearing properly in the "Ship To" location?


I'm newly signed up for RazorERP, and I'm scheduling an inbound order.  For some reason, the address in the Ship To location is coming up as "Not Specified".  How do I change my address?


This is because the master account in the CRM does not have any addresses associated to it and the warehouse in the location section does not have an address either. This usually happens to companies that are new to RazorERP that have not finished configuring their settings. Here is what you need to do to ensure your address populates properly:

  1. Go to Global Settings > Locations, select the Default Warehouse, click Edit, and fill out the address details. See this tutorial for instructions.
  2. Go to CRM > Accounts, find your company name and select it (this is known as the "Master Account"), go to the Address Details section, click on the Edit icon, and fill out the information. See this tutorial for instructions

For future reference, if your address appears like the screenshot above and you just want to make a one time edit, you can click the Edit icon and change the address details