Add Terms & Conditions language on quotes and sales order invoices


Our customers have been requesting for a long time that they have a section on quotes and orders to add Terms & Conditions.  Now, using the Admin, you can create language templates for your terms as well as the footer of your paperwork.

How do I add Terms?

  1. Go to Global Settings > Terms.
  2. Click on either the Invoice Terms tab.
  3. Enter the verbiage you wish to appear in the Terms & Conditions large text box.
  4. Add the text you wish to appear in the footer for the invoice.
  5. Provide a name of the template.
  6. Click Save as New.
  7. Verify that your template dropdown box matches the new template you just created.
  8. Go to Sales > Sales Ordersand open a new invoice. You will notice the Terms & Conditions field under the pricing table and the footer reflect your template.