Add a Substitute Part to a Master Item

This tutorial shows you how to add a substitute part number to a master item.

1.  Navigate to Inventory>Master Items.

The Master Items page will be displayed.

2.  Enter the model name in the search box and click Search ( ) icon on the right top corner of the application.

The specified model is displayed with complete details.

3.  Select the model by checking the box in the row of that model.

The EDIT button is enabled.

4.  Click EDIT.

The Update Master Item page is displayed.

5.  Click Substitutes tab.

6.  Enter the item name in the Substitute Item field.

The ADD button is enabled.

7.  Click ADD.

The item added is displayed.


8.  Enter the Substituted Item name in search field and click Search( )icon.

The searched model is displayed.

In this way, you can select various other models and add further substitutions.