Add a UPC (Universal Product Code) to a Master Item

This tutorial will show you how to add a UPC to a Master Item.

1.Navigate to Inventory>Master Items.

The Master Items page will be displayed.

2. Select the item by checking the box in the row of the item.

3. Click Edit.

The Update Master Item dialog will be displayed.

4. Navigate to CODES tab.

5. Select the type of the code from the Type drop down list. The available options are UPC, ISBN and EAN.

6. Enter the code in the Code field.

7. Click ADD.

The UPC code will be added to the selected item.

Note: You can add multiple UPC codes to the single item.

You can view that two UPC codes are assigned to a single item.

You can also remove a UPC code.

8. Select the Code that you wish to delete.

9. Click Delete.

The code will be removed from the item.