How to use the Assets Page

Managing Assets have never been easy! With the newly revamped Assets Page in RazorERP, you can now do tons of tasks that weren’t possible before.

In this tutorial, let us show you a glimpse of what you can do in the new Assets Page.

  • Go to the Assets Page under Recycling (click this link to know how)


  • You may check or edit an asset in two ways, the usual way is by selecting an item and click Update.


  • But if you got the item at hand, you may just Scan it and make an edit! Click on the Actions button on the top right corner.


  • Click Scan For Edit.


  • Using either of these steps, it should bring you to the Asset’s Modal Box. However, the modal box of Scan For Edit is different, as it would show you a blank form at first.


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