Our address is wrong on the BOL. How do I change this?


When I go to print or download the Bill of Lading for either our inbound or outbound orders, the address on the bill of lading is incorrect.  How do I change this?


The address on the bill of lading is going to reflect the address on the order. Changing the address on the order is simple.

  1. Go to the order on either Recycling > Inbound Orders or Recycling > Outbound Orders.
  2. Select the order by single-clicking the line item.
  3. Click the Change button at the top.
  4. Scroll to Address Details and put your cursor in the location box to edit the location.

What if this keeps happening?

If this is a recurring issue, it is most likely because your Master Account in the CRM contains a wrong primary address. Go to the CRM, type in your company name, and edit the main addresses. Click this link to learn how to Edit the Master Account in CRM.