Why is the "Create RMA" button disabled?

In the Sales Orders section, we have an SO that needs to be returned.  I tried to create an RMA but the button was grayed out on the Sales Order.  How do I activate the button so I can go through the RMA wizard.


The "Create RMA" button will not enable unless the Sales Order has been fulfilled. If you go to Sales > Sales Orders and select an order with the status "fulfilled", but Create RMA button should be enabled. To fulfill a sales order, an invoice must be generated and a shipping method must be selected (whether it be shipped with a label generated in the sytem, out of the system, or a client pickup)

For more information on RMA's, read this article Creating an RMA and Understanding RMA Types

Here are examples of RMA types:

  1. Shipping an Advanced Replacement RMA
  2. Process an Advanced Exchange RMA