Audit a New and/or Unique Item (Step 1 of 2)

In this two part tutorial we are going over how to handle a situation where a new and/or unique item is found during an audit process and needs to be added into the system. Please click here for the Step 2, where we cover how to Qualify the new item after it has been audited and sent to resale.


To start, we are going to Audit the item.

  • Enter the Model Number of the item you are auditing.

  • As the Model Number is not recognized, the system will prompt you to create a new Master Item.


  • Enter the appropriate item details and click OK to finish creating the Master Item. You will now be able to go back into the Audit screen and finish auditing the item.

  • Back in the Audit screen, you will find that your Model and MFG fields are populated  with those of the Master Item we just created. Next you will generate a UID, scan the item’s SERIAL NUMBER, specify the Location you are placing it in, and add Notes, if any.

  • Right below the Notes field, you will find an option to flag the item as being Unique. This feature is useful if, for instance, you have an item that has unusual scratches or other damage, or it may have some unique unlisted attributes. By flagging it as Unique in the system you will create a separate SKU that will be tied to that item’s Serial Number.

  • Next you are going to fill in the rest of the required information. Fields that are marked with a red asterisk are required to be able to add the item, and the blue asterisk denotes fields that are for SKU effecting attributes. In this instance, we are going to be sending the item to resale so it can be sold via our sales channels, so we are going to select Resale for our Next Step.

Please click here to follow us to the next tutorial, where we go over qualifying the new, unique item to be ready to be sold via the resale channels.

The Following Video is STEP 2 on how to Qualify the item described above: