Break Down a Received Item into Parts

This tutorial shows you how to break an item down into parts from the Receive Inventory screen.This can be useful for two different situations:

  • You have an item that you want to break down into parts. So you want to receive the item in the system and then tear it into parts so that it can be brought back to its original parent item.
  • You have an entire wholesale item in the system but later it got damaged or a decision was made to not to sell it as whole. In such case, you can easily break the item into all of the components that can come out of it.

To break down a received item into parts, follow he steps given below.

1.  Navigate to Inventory > Receive Inventory.

The Receive Inventory page will be displayed.

2.  Select the received item to break down into parts from the available list. In the example here, Latitude E6410 is selected.

3.  Once you select the item, click Break Down/Tear Down on the top.

The Break Down dialog will be displayed.

Note: In the top section of the screen, there are some models that have already been received. All of these laptops in the above example were manually added. In the bottom section, we have the break down items for the item that we selected in the top. So for example, if you had pulled up a laptop, then you will have break down items such as motherboard, heat sink etc. Select them and generate the serial or scan the one in.

4.  Select the item models with manufacturer’s name.

5.  Click Add Selected.

6.  Check the boxes on Breakdown items.

7.  Set the condition as Used in the Condition field.

In the example, three items have now been received, but they have been pulled out of the original parent item. You can also manually add a line.

8.  Click Add Line.

9.  Select the required model from the Model drop down list.

10.  Enter the manufacturer name.

11.  To generate the serial number automatically in the Serial field, click Refresh () button.

12.  Set the Cost and Quantity fields.

13.  Set the condition as used in the Condition field.

14.  Click OK.

The Print a Queue dialog will be displayed.

15.  Select the required items here and you can view that the items’Manufactures are DELL.

16.  Click Print.

The message box informing you that the labels have been sent to the printer queue will be displayed.

17.  Click OK.

At the top of the inventory, you’ll view four of the items received.