Bulk Relocate Resale Items

This tutorial shows you how to search for resale items by location, and then commit a bulk location change.

1. Navigate to Inventory > Receive Inventory.

You have 2 options to find records. You can search at the top based on a specific serial number or location. The other opton is that you can use the advanced search tool in the bottom data grid to find records.          

Enter the serial number or location in the search field on the top and click the Search icon.


To use advanced search tool, click the Search tool in the bottom grid.

The Search dialog will be displayed.

2. Select Location from the drop down list. Add the condition as Equal, value as 1-L1-S1-C1 and click Find. This implies that you are searching for records based on the Location, 1-L1-S1-C1.

The related records with location as 1-L1-S1-C1 will be displayed.

3. The quickest way to do relocation is to display all items on that pallet, by selecting all records option above the records.

4. Click Bulk Change.

The Bulk Change Attribute Update dialog will be displayed.

5. Select any location to where you want the items to relocate to from the Assign Location field. In the example, PL-1 is selected.

6. Click Accept.

Now you can search for Pl-1 and you can see all the items that were transitioned over to this location.

Suppose you want to move specific number of items, select those items and click Bulk Change button. In the dialog, select any location to where you want the items to relocate to from the Assign Location field and click Accept. Now only the specific number of items will be moved to the selected location. Then search for the location to view the items moved into it.