Edit Multiple Resale Items using Bulk Change

This tutorial shows you how to edit the attributes or specs of multiple items in your resale inventory using the 'Bulk Change' function.

1. Navigate to Inventory > Receive Inventory.

The Receive Inventory page will be displayed.

As you can see in the example above, we have multiple E6410 that have already been received into the bulk insert feature. At the bottom, we have a couple different items that are in a different category.

Now almost all of the time when you using the bulk insert feature, you will be using it on a bunch of items that are in the same category.

For example, you can use the feature on several laptops to change laptop CPU speed or on several hard drives to change the hard drive Gigabytes. But there are some situations, where you will need to do it across a couple of different items of different categories.

2. In the example, we select 3TB HDD and LATITUDE E6410.

3. Click Bulk Change.

The Bulk Change Attribute Update dialog will be displayed.

4. In this case, you will be able to change few basic things such as Notes, Assign Location etc. So you can change the location on those 2 items even though they are different. You can also add notes.

5. Click Accept.

Then both of those two different categories would have that same note. But in most situations you would be changing things of the same category.

6. Select a set of the E6410s having different RAMs.

7. Click Bulk Change.

The Bulk Change Attribute Update dialog will be displayed. 

8. Select Laptop from the drop down list.

9. To change memory, select memory size from the Memory drop down list. In the example, 2GB is selected.

10. Select the hard drive size from the HD Size drop down list. The hard drive is changed to 160 GB.

So only these 2 things will be changed and rest of the features remain the same.

11. You can Add CPU type at once or Rename them or Remove them from the screen. A bunch of them had no DVD Drive and that is a defect. You can select all of them and Remove.

12. Once you have made changes, click Accept.

You can observe that all changes you made are updated.