Add Tracking Number Information to a Purchase Order

This video will show you how to open a purchase order and add required shipping information in the Details tab.

1. Navigate to Purchase>Purchase Orders.

The Purchase Orders page will be displayed.

2. Select the purchase order from the list by double clicking.

The Purchase Order page will be displayed in the edit mode.

3. Navigate to Details tab.

The Details page will be displayed.

4. Select the required provider from the Provider drop down list. The available options are Federal Express, United Parcel Service, United States Postal Service and Freight.In the above example, Federal Express option has been selected.

5. Select the method of shipping preferred from the Shipping Method drop down list. This is specific to the provider selected in the above step.

6. Enter the Tracking Number field.


The Purchase Order Details notification will be displayed in the top right corner of the page informing that the your changes have been saved.

The tracking number will be successfully saved in to purchase order.