Use the Cycle Count Page and Easily Remove Old Inventory

This tutorial will show you how to use the Cycle Count page and easily remove old inventory.

1.  Navigate to Inventory>Cycle Counts.

The Cycle Count page will be displayed.


2.  Select the type of transaction to be performed from the Transaction Type drop down list.

In this example, Delete has been selected.

3.  Scan the bar code number of the product in the Scan Bar code field.

The details related to the product will be displayed.

4.  Click PROCESS.

The item will be deleted successfully.

Note: If you select Auto Process, the item will be deleted automatically as soon as you scan the bar code of the item.

You can view that the item has been deleted successfully. Also the delete log can be seen in the History Log section.

Note: Click Undo in the row of the item that you wish to retrieve. The item will be retrieved from the History Log and moved to its original location.