Add Sales Tax to a Sales Order

This tutorial shows you how to add sales tax to a sales order.

1.  In the example below, a sales order has already been generated, the customer has been set and an item has been selected for it.

2.  Navigate to Sales > Sales Order.

Sales tax is not allocated yet.

To add one, either select the small downward arrow that says Allocate to manually allocate or hit the large arrow next to it that says Allocate Auto to auto-allocate.

3.  Click Allocate Auto.

One item is now automatically allocated.

A message box informing you that item(s) has been allocated automatically will be displayed.

As shown, the Subtotal is $149.95 and the Amount Due is $149.95 which accounts for the total price of the laptop.

Suppose a customer is not non-taxable and you want to tax the customer.

4.  Navigate to Tax and click the text entry box to select the tax brackets that are available.

In the example, we have 6.00 % tax. If there are different states or different tax brackets, the other ones can be added by the system administrator.

5.  Select the available tax and click Save.

The tax amount will be $8.99. Check the box. The tax will then be added to the sales order which has been rounded off to $9. 

Bringing the amount up from $149.95 to $158.95, the customer will have to pay this tax added amount.