Fulfill a Sales Order for a Local Pickup

This product tutorial will show you how to fulfill a sales order with a shipping type, Local Pickup.

1. Navigate to Sales>Sales Order

The Sales Order page will be displayed.

2. Select and double click the sales order that requires to be shipped as a local pickup.

The selected sales order will be displayed in edit mode.


3. Navigate to Items tab.

Any unallocated items should be allocated. Entire sales order should be completed as a standard sales order.

4. Navigate to Shipping tab.

5. On the top left, click Approve button to approve this order for shipping.

6. Scroll down and double click your package. 

The Package Allocation dialog is displayed.

7. Manually select the items to be shipped by checking the boxes of the required items.

8. Click Confirm.

This add the items into the package.

9. Set the length, width and height of the package.

10. Enter the weight of the package.

11. Under the shipping method, in the Ship By option, select Local Pickup from the drop down list.

This will immediately black out the entire area and this will be marked as a fully shipped package.