Import a Spreadsheet from Excel to a Sales Order

This tutorial demonstrates how to import a spreadsheet from excel to a sales order. This is a very useful feature for if you have large amount of items that are going to be sold in one sales order very quickly attach them all.

Example: If you have thousands of items of RAM for laptops, desktops and servers that are all being sold to one customer, you can have an excel sheet compiled through the system and then attach it to a sales order quickly and easily.

In order for sales order import to work, must have a column named "Serial" and a column named "Price" in excel spreadsheet.

1. Navigate to Sales > Sales Order.

The Sales Order page will be displayed.

2. Click New

The Please Confirm message box will be displayed.

3. Click Yes to open a new sales order.

A completely blank order will be displayed.

We can assign a customer and this sales order has SO number.

4. Click Import From Excel.

The standard Open dialog will be displayed.

5. Select the import sales order file that is excel format. This is a standard file and has 1000s of items.  

6. After selecting the file, click Open.

The Please Confirm message box will be displayed. 

7. Click Yes.

The Import Results dialog will be displayed.


In the example, you can see that two items are imported and one item is correct. You can also view that there is a failed item with serial number and status as Item not exist.

So you can create all items in an excel sheet and import them. Note that these items should have already been received into inventory.

The second item is displayed as correctly allocated.

8. Click Ok.

9. Now on the sales order, review that the items are received in, with proper serial numbers. The prices are also already set.

10. Click Approve.

Once approved, you can navigate to Shipping tab and set the shipping information.

This is how you import items from excel file to sales order.