Find 'Pending Shipment' Sales Orders

This tutorial will show you how to locate sales orders that have not yet been shipped.

1.  Navigate to Sales>Sales Orders.

The Sales Orders page will be displayed.

2.  Click Selected.

3.  Select the required option from the dropdown list. The options available are Pending, Approved, Shipped, Error, and Voided. In the example, Pending option is selected.

The list of orders that are related to Pending is displayed.

The Qty Allocated field represents the number of items that are shipped among the total items. For example, 2/2 indicates that 2 items areaccepted but are not sent to shipping.

4.  Click an Order from the list that needs to be shipped.

The SALES ORDER page is displayed.

You can see that the order is approved as Approve button is disabled.The items are displayed under the Items tab.

5.  Navigate to Shipping tab.

The shipping address is empty in Ship To field.You can view the STATUS as Pending.

Hence, you can find the items for which the shipments are pending.